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Build it and they will come

If you build it, they will come. That’s what they say, and it is turning out to be true. I’ve been planning this house for a long time now, and keeping my plans to myself for the most part (to keep the jinx off).  When the road got built, though, the gossip started to blossom, and I began ‘fessing up to anyone who thought to ask me what was going on. As the word spreads I’ve found supporters and helpers in the most unexpected places.

There was the well driller who called just when I was about to give in to the drunk, and then there was the plumber who actually called me back. I’d been calling this one plumbing outfit over and over because people in the know informed me that they’d be the best choice for my unusual project, butthey didn’t call back, presumably because (as usual) they didn’t want to drive all the way up to Neihart when they had plenty of business nearby. Then, out of the blue, I discovered that that outfit was comprised of a couple of brothers who had a falling out, and decided to become two separate plumbing outfits. Voila! The brother with the new company needs my business, so he called. Its almost eerie.

I’ve got a builder, a well-driller, an excavator, a plumber and an electrician already…. I’m a general contractor! Not that I deserve any kudos for it, since all that contracting has really been orchestrated by my friend Scott, who works in an electric supply store, and knows every contractor in the county. He’s my magic weapon. Contractors aren’t like other business people insofar as once they’re established they generally don’t take just any job that comes along; they shop for sane customers. I know, since I work as a landscaping contractor now and again. I surely like getting lucrative jobs, but I also have enough experience to know that its not worth the money if you have to put up with micro-managing, whining, picky, indecisive or just plain annoying customers. If they’re a little bit annoying you can charge them “aggravation tax”, but if they score high enough on the idiot scale, its not worth any amount of extra fees: I just fire those customers, as I did Bill just the other day (even though I am suffering from Cashtration due to housebuilding, and sorely need the money). The point being that Scott let the right sub-contractors know that I’m a “sane” customer, not needing any application of aggravation tax, so I’m gonna get my house built!

I just hope I don’t ruin Scott’s reputation by turning out to be a picky, fussy, whimsical or broke customer. I’ve never been on the receiving end of contracting services, so I don’t actually know if I’m sane or not. Does anyone?


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