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house for sale

Yes, yes, yes. That’s the answer to all your questions (finally you get the right answer, eh?) about whether or not my current house is for sale. It is.

 Its a sturdy, solid old house, with two or three bedrooms depending on how you count, an insulated garage and a spacious studio upstairs. I (quite thoughtfully) left a lot of the decorating decisions up to you, since I’ve never gotten around to replacing the ugly, worn carpets (why, when I just tramp around in muddy boots all the time?), and never found the time to hunt for matches for the old-timey moldings for the windows and doors that I replaced. See, I put in nice, insulated doors and windows and fancy, heat-taped copper plumbing and all the important stuff, but I neglected to make it pretty.

Leave a comment if you are interested, and I’ll get back to you.


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