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Its a gusher!

Well, well, well. We’ve got a gusher. Many people have said to me that I shouldn’t buy this property until I knew if I had water, or until I knew if I could get a septic permit, and I just shined ’em on. I shined ’em, but I did tremble just a little, wondering if they were right, and maybe I’d sunk a whole bunch of money into worthless property, but I do know the ground around here a little bit, so I shined ’em on. I’m happy to shine a little more, as I report that the well that finally got drilled produced a fat and happy 50 gallons a minute: more than I’ll ever even hope to use, unless I can sell the stuff to the town of Neihart the way that wind generators sell electricity back to the power company.

Its nice to have your predictions validated, and I sure hope that my prediction that putting in a septic will also not be difficult will be validated as well, but all I can do about that is wait and hope. Now I have to wait for the weather to clear. Goodness, when it rains and snows around here it doesn’t fool around. Belt Creek is as high as I’ve ever seen it (though in previous years I may not have been paying much attention to the benchmarks I have now that I play Water Operator once in a while), and every other morning there’s snow on the ground. If you aren’t trying to do things outside (I am), this is grrrrreat news. We’ve been in a prolonged drought, and with global warming, all the pundits point to this area seeing more and more drought, whilst the coasts get pummelled with hurricanes and mudslides and what not. So we should suck up this moisture and be hap-hap-happy!

And I will be happy about it, even though it costs me money and time. I’m happy because we’re recharging our aquifers, albeit on a geological time-scale. It takes hundreds or thousands of years for the water that’s falling today to reach the aquifers that charge my gusher, but whoever inherits my land will be in a position of power, to be sure. Ever since the ‘industrial revolution’ just about all politics and economics have been driven by oil. Access to oil, control over oil and quibbling over oil has defined our societies here on Earth. The societies that took control over oil resources have dominated the societies which didn’t, for one reason or another take adavantage of the trade in oil. Look at the US vs. the Middle East. We have controlled the oil, and, in our super-power way, the world, and they haven’t even though they have the oil and we don’t. They have it, but we’ve controlled it.

Next its going to be water. Right now the war in Iraq is about oil, but the war in the Sudan is really about water. I don’t care what the perpetrators say: if they say they’re fighting for democracy or for or against genocide, or for or against any sort of storyline – its all about oil or water. And now I’ve got the water. Look out, world! Jasmine is in charge, by virtue of 50 gallons a minute?! 

Someone take my soapbox away, please.


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