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Revelation of the Prophet Mit

On the eve of the second millennium, or close to it, the prophet Mit was granted a revelation.  After years of close, hard study, devout meditation and regular check-ups Mit finally became enlightened one grim day in the grimy city of New York. She found out that her philosophy of life was the one that was preferred by the Fifth Dentist.  Suddenly, it was all so clear.  She heard the announcer’s voice: “Four out of five dentists surveyed…” At the sound of that voice Mit’s cat leapt from her lap and dashed out of the room. Later she found the bathroom filled with miles of tangled dental floss.

And she knew it was a sign, a crystalline (if tangled) message that would unite the faithful dissenters of the world.  Indeed, the Prophecy of Mit has spread the world over, and The Words daily bless the faithful on television, on the radio and in magazines.  “Four out of five dentists…” and we all know that the Fifth Dentist is the true unifier of dissidents everywhere.  Unless, of course, he changes his mind.

Airplanes are echoing with the cries of Fifth Dentistists asking for something other than coffee, tea or milk.  Alternate routes are being sought, and the side streets in major cities are becoming clogged, while the freeways remain eerily silent.  People are thinking for themselves, opening their minds and gathering the courage to opt for the less popular point of view from the continuing stories of revelations, apparitions and miracles performed by the growing pantheon of saints, martyrs and apostates of Fifth Dentistism.

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