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Cashtration phase

The footings were poured yesterday, which makes my great, big hole in the ground look a lot more like a house. I’m sorry they did it early in the morning, while I was at work, because I didn’t get to put my ohm symbol (see the bottom of any of my pottery) in the cement. Maybe when we pour the floor I’ll get to sign it. What I do get to sign with astonishing frequency is checks. The money is flowing out of my  bank account faster than protons in a particle accelerator.

And that’s how fast the water will flow out of my septic tank into the drainfield, since there’s such an elevation drop between the two. I’m surprised that they gave me a permit for it. Surprised but grateful. The septic systems they require nowadays are not at all like yer grandaddy’s, let me tell you. For my little one bedroom, single occupant house they required a thousand gallon tank and 250 feet of diffusers. Its like a little underground city.  I can just picture the dumfounded gratitude on the faces of a lucky mole family when they find a pre-fab tunnel system just for them! I was lucky that the little Napolean in the health department didn’t make me put in the even more expensive system with a pump in the tank and mini sprinkler heads under the diffusers. And I’m lucky that Roger is able to make nice, because I’ve heard stories about this particular inspector denying permits or requiring all sorts of bells and whistles if the contractor gets on his wrong side. Now its done, and I’m ready to move on.

More concrete came for the front footings this morning, which will, of course, be too hard to sign before I get off work – dang! But fret not; there’s plenty of concrete yet to come. I just ordered the pumper truck for pouring the concrete into the foam-block walls. My credit card is currently sitting quietly in a corner, sobbing and rubbing its aching, over-used magnetic strip. I really don’t know what the credit limit is on it, but I’m gonna rack up those sky miles while I can.  I just pay it off every month. The pumper truck costs $128 per hour plus travel, plus a fuel charge ($17.50 per hour), pump prime charge, mobilization fee, and three bucks a yard for the concrete. I kept having to ask the lady in the office; “are you done?” and she’d say “well, not quite yet. Here’s another fee.”

I’ve got the back hoe for a month, and sometime next week we’ll hit a dead spot in which we can’t do anything while the concrete cures, so now I’m really living up to my claim of being my own General Contractor, since I’m lining up jobs for the backhoe to do while I don’t need it. Anyone in Neihart need some backhoe work next week? Roger is a certified putter-inner of septic systems. And he’s earned the respect of Napoleon in the Health Department, which is no small thing.


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