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Got walls!

The back wall and the side wall that will be buried are up, ready for concrete, which will be coming tomorrow morning. The foam blocks Roger prefers are different than the ones my rival in the Neihart House Building League, Tony Junior is using. His require clips to hold them together, while mine just stack up like leggos, so it goes faster. The walls will be braced while the concrete is poured, but then they require no furthur treatment.  I’m told that you can even screw your drywall straight to the block: no firring. The frost wall for the front windows will also be poured tomorrow, bringing the total for tomorrow up to 19.5 yards of cement, Little Pig, so never you mind about that Big Bad Wolf!

Yesterday I finally got a pump guy to come out and put the pump and the pitless adaptor in the well, with an outdoor hydrant so we’ll have water. When I left the job site they were testing it, and water came out, but this morning he called to say that it definitely wasn’t pumping 30 gallons a minute, and he’ll have to come back and set the pump deeper after he sees the well log – which hasn’t been filed yet, though it should have. I’m back to calling that guy incessantly, trying to get a well log. Sigh.

At least things are progressing. They aren’t for my friend Mel, though (about whom you can read in the section about Saints of the Fifth Dentist. His entry, obviously, is St. Mel; Patron of Bookish Shut-ins and Autodidacts.), who decided to finally put a septic system in at his cabin, and to have Roger do it in the down time while we wait for the walls to cure. Sadly, the Napoleon from County Health won’t let him, as he’s just too close to too many water sources. There’s a glimmer of hope, though, since Napoleon said he’d put it before the Committe, all of whom, one presumes, are less than Napoleanic. After all, if they won’t let him put in a septic system legally….hmmn. I wonder if they’ve thought this through.

Add to that disappointment the one he got this morning when I told him that we won’t have any room on the cement truck for his one and half yards for the footings for his addition (for the bathroom he can’t have), since we decided to pour the frost wall at the same time as the walls. And add to that disappointment the results of the expensive survey he had of his property and its about time to pray for St. Mel rather than to him. He wanted to sell of a few lots he owns down by the creek, so he got a surveyor out who discovered that Mel owns about a hundred feet of US Higway 89. Two of his corner pegs are on the far side of the highway, and two on the near. Apparently, when they upgraded the highway back in prehistoric times they neglected to survey. And to think he’s been paying taxes on that bit of highway all those years. I think he should put up a toll booth.


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