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decisions, decisions

I mentioned that I’m a pretty good “decider” (not the decider, but a pretty good one…) and its a good thing, because I’ve made a passle of decisions, selections, judgements, determinations and verdicts recently.  Enough, I think,  that if  elected, they could constitute a quorum in the state house of representatives. I decided on my countertops: paper stone. Its a product made from recycled paper which is handled just like wood, but is formidably resistant to cuts and stains. Its a bit more expensive than laminate, but less so than really nice countertops, and it has the tree-huggery cachet that I just can’t resist.

I decided – finally – on the roofing materials, which has been a niggling, prickly, but oh, so important little issue that has bugged us all for a long time. The same was true of fixing on just how many support posts and what size joists and addenda were necessary to hold up all those Rogers standing shoulder to shoulder on my roof in the form of saturated soil, snow load, sheathing and whatnot. That decision in the end was made by just over-building the living daylights out of it. This decision about the roofing materials will also lean heavily (snort) on the fundemental principle of over-building, but this time I have a lot more guidance. I talked with a guy who studied the designs of military ammo bunkers. When it comes to the sport of over-building, you can bet the Corps of Engineers are the undisputed champs, so I feel certain that my roof will be as waterproof as possible.

In short, for those of you who are closet engineers; the secret lies in magic materials. There’s a special 60 mil waterproofing membrane with an interior structure designed to withstand not only the freeze-thaw stresses, the better to stick to itself, my dear. Its sticky on one side. Then comes a layer of rubberized, 45 mil poly membrane, followed by foam insulation, then a fancy, light weight, horizontal-grade drainage mat (goodbye, gravel, and good riddance!) and finally a landscape fabric to keep the roots out. As if. That last layer sounds so utterly overkill to me, I think I’d better do it. What the heck: its only money. Send some!

My favorite decision of the past couple days was on what kind of front door to have. For reasons best left unsaid my front door opening turned out to be 50″, which is heck-a wide. Roger was ready to frame it, so he needed to know what size to make it, and he needed to know (as usual) fast. I spent a few hours imagining all sorts of design options, and thinking about swings and hinges and all the rest, and then, in a flash it came to me: I need a castle door. As Chris and Beth aptly pointed out, it would be somewhat  more Hobbit-y since my home, while it is my castle,  is considerably more diminutive than your standard-issue castle. Before there was time for my state of inspiration to evaporate I hurried up and pondered who could be persuaded to build me a castle door with an iron knocker (maybe two, so everyone could say “what knockers!” over and over again until it was time to kill them…) and huge iron hinges, and came up with two candidates, either of which would have the imagination and skill equal to the task. Now I simply await an answer from Dick or Evan. Or Igor. Do you know any competant carpenters named Igor? Give him my number.


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