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Its official: I have a roof on my house. Not on the upstairs studio yet, but on the below-ground part. Roger says he’s never seen that many rafters all together in one place before. We are seriously over-building this house, since I couldn’t get an engineer to tell me where I could skimp. I think you could easily drive a bobcat on that roof with no problem.

I know I’ve been bragging about my excellence as a “decider”, but I have to admit that I now am stuck on one. I put a shed roof on the garage which is angled not to the back (because there’s dirt up to the roof there), but to the side. The roof on the studio, in my vision, was to also be a shed roof, but sloping to the back, so that the water would drain not onto the house but onto the dirt. From the front you’d see the corner of the studio, and that point would rise four feet higher than the studio itself, and it would look really tall and thin, like an exclamation point. Or stupid. It could possibly wind up looking stupid. I admit that. Anyway, Roger wants to angle the roof the same way the garage roof is angled, and then put a rain barrel to catch the rain. I admit, it could look really cool. I can’t decide. Please stop by and take a look, and let me know your opinions.

 Thanks and mmmmmwahhh (hollywood kisses).

 UPDATE: Despite the fact that everyone whom I asked liked my original design, and the fact that I even built a little model studio with the roof design out of cardboard to illustrate, Roger went ahead and put the roof on in yet a different way. By the time I got there it was alread on, so there was no point in complaining, though I did point it out. Roger is not too good at feigning surprise. I suspect he did it his way because it was logistically easier, and he had the right rafter lengths for his way, but not for mine. He should have said something, but its too late now. Sigh.


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