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dirt on top

After my heroic measures to get the supplies here on time, Roger playing hooky and then snow, rain and weekends, I’m finally getting dirt on my roof today. Or I should be. It would be typical if I get up there after work and find out that some other cataclysm delayed this crucial step. I’ve already had two hurry-up-and-wait setbacks this week, so a third or fourth would just be par for the course (do you detect a teensy-weensy note of bitterness in my voice? If not, listen harder.) Monday I had the day off from the PO, so I dutifully went up and busied myself untarping the roof, cleaning up, hauling supplies upstairs, tyvek-ing the garage and etc. We started laying the waterproofing membrane, and quickly realized that the bunker-builder in Billings had under-counted the square footage of my roof, and we were short about 350 square feet of materials. So I had to run to Great Falls and pick up whatever I could to fix it.

My handler at Poulsen’s told me he had rolls of sticky stuff that were three feet wide and 70 feet long, so, doing the math, I picked up two rolls. On Tuesday Roger and crew got  to work laying that, and started laying the next layer of rubber, when they discovered that those rolls were only 62 feet long. It says so right on the box. Whoever put that information in the computer at Pousen’s was  feeling optimistic. Not only that, but on the day I picked up the foam board insulation, I neglected to do my own math, and wound up not buying enough, so back I went to town on Tuesday. Today -inşallah – Dan should be up there with his bobcat, spreading the dirt on the roof, and I will not have to spend another $60 on a round-trip ride to the Big City.

In the down times Roger got a lot done. He put in all the windows, for one. Those windows, you may recall, had a hard time hitching a ride up here. You have to transport them upright or they’ll shatter, and the glass company wanted $315 to deliver them. In the end my friend Scott borrowed an enclosed snowmobile trailer and hauled them up here in that. Because of Roger’s truancy, the windows then sat in my garage for quite some time before being installed. They were all supposed to be 62 inches tall, and before I picked them up I measured the picture windows and they were, indeed, 62 inches tall. The other windows, the ones with the awning at top were at the back of the pile, and I neglected to measure them, so, of course, it turns out they were 64 inches tall. Roger was incensed, and ready to demand that they re-make them, but I had other plans. Being in a state of cashtration (send money), I went in and bargained. I said I could make these windows work, but asked for the next batch of – much cheaper – windows be free. The glass guy agreed, and now we’re all happy. The taller windows don’t look bad at all, as it turns out, as they are on the outer edges, and you don’t even notice unless you look carefully.


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