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sputter, sputter

We ran out of roofing materials about two-thirds of the way through, and there was a mad scramble to find substitude materials, but I think it will all be okay. The one thing I couldn’t replicate was the drain mat, so for one section I’ll use gravel. I finally found a place to steal some nice washed gravel from, so I’ll get on that project today. Then the entire roof will be dirty, and I just need to get my friend Duane to ferry up the rest of the soil with his Kubota. 

The great leaps and bounds achieved in the hammer-banging period have slowed to an anemic crawl as we move on to getting subcontractors to get in here and do their things. Poulsen’s came and picked up all the spare sheets of plywood and miscellaneous two-by-fours last week, and while chatting with the drivers I mentioned that I’d “fired” Roger – meaning that he’d framed all he was going to frame, and I don’t need him anymore – and their eyes got big as DVDs (who even uses saucers anymore? using that analogy these days would be like comparing the size of a tumor not to fruit, but to a transister radio.). They both stopped in their tracks and stared at me in such a made-for-t.v., slack-jawed parody of surprise that I was tempted to just nod grimly, sigh and change the subject so that their lives and the lives of the rest of the people at Poulsen’s would be that much more interesting, but I chickened out. I told them the truth.

The plumber has been here for two days, getting all the pipe in the house threaded through the walls, and it remains to be seen when the water tank and solar panels will arrive. The electrician was scheduled for this weekend, but when I talked to him yesterday he mentioned that he’d taken on new jobs and it wouldn’t be until next weekend. I promised him a pie, and he said he’d see what he could do. I still have Santa up my sleeve (and boy is he pissed!) as a back-up.

Send money. I mean it! You people are all going on Santa’s blacklist. No amount of milk and cookies on the mantle will lure him to your stingy, miserable hovels, believe you me.


One response to “sputter, sputter

  1. Something I find slightly comical is how so many people will say that it isn’t worth it to add

    solar energy to your home because it takes too long for the system to “pay itself off”. If you

    save up the money and have a system installed you suddenly have a tiny utility bill, if any

    bill at all. To me it’s a simple cash-flow equation.

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