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almost there…

Things are starting to approach completion.  I say “approach” in the same way mathematicians talk about the impossibility of ever reaching one point from another if you constantly go half the distance between each point. Everyone asks  me (incessantly, I’d say, but I’m too polite) when I “plan to be in the house” and I’ve started to just admit that my prognostication capabilities are simply not equal to such a slippery target.

Both the plumbing and the electricity have been roughed in, and there is Sheetrock waiting to be installed on the interior walls. I picked up my paper stone counter-top (which is gorgeous and weighs more than stone),  a really cool composite quartz sink, and my cabinets are in Great Falls waiting for me. The plumber comes back tomorrow to (cross your fingers) finish up, at which point I’ll have both heat and water, and all that remains to become a mortgage-able house is the electricity.

I have had plenty of interest from prospective buyers  in my old house but unfortunately, the people who are serious about it keep finding out about my illustrious neighbor, and then decide that it would be no place to bring up children. I guess its time to list it on a multiple listing service and cough up the commission, just to attract buyers from out of town, who don’t know about Jack yet.  Either that or a practicing Buddhist monk who needs the constant challenge to discover compassion and loving kindness for all sentient beings. The rest of us aren’t really that ambitious, I’m discovering.

Send Money. And a Geek. Aw, heck, while you’re at it, send me a nice Turkish House Boy. Mehmet! Kahve istiyorum!


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