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Let There Be Light

      “Let there be light” said Mitch, and there was. I can now flip a switch and get light. I can plug any appliance that needs animating into the wall and the electrons will stream out, obedient and orderly into said appliance and animate away. Most of my walls have sheet rock, and some of them even have paint on them. Some of my kitchen cabinets are installed, and some of the counter tops. Some of the ceiling even has sheet rock on it, thanks to the Herzog brothers and their sidekick Dixon. Some of the eaves have been enclosed, thanks to my friend Jim, and some of my crap has been moved into the house, thanks to my back. Sometime today Bruce the plumber should be arriving to finish up, and sometime tomorrow, if all goes well, I should have water, heat and light. I can move in. It will still be like camping, but it will be better than nothing.

          There is more to do,  as there always will be. Witness the house I’m moving out of: it isn’t ‘finished’ despite the fact that I’ve lived there for ten years. Two of the realtors I interviewed before listing the house were frankly appalled by the unfinished-ness of my house. The third realtor was not appalled, and that’s why I picked him.  I don’t care if my spare room is lit with a bare bulb hanging down own a couple of loose wires, and I know this fine world is filled with people like me in that regard. It isn’t as though there are a lot of houses similar to mine to choose from in this Bustling Burg of Babbling Brooks; either you want a house here or you don’t. I’ve left a whale of a lot of the decorating decisions to my successor. Isn’t that grand?

          But I digress. Of course I haven’t gotten another carpenter to come in and hammer away, thus the fact that only some of the work has been done. One thing I’m happy to have gotten done is hauling those solar panels up onto the roof. On a sunny Sunday afternoon I corralled a bunch of guys and we hefted them upstairs. Without water in them they are still comparatively light, so that wasn’t a problem, but it might be now, as I sit here looking at the fierce, squalling winds that have picked up. I put a bunch of plywood on the base of the panels and tied the frames off to a lag bolt in the wall, but perhaps that wasn’t enough. Think heavy thoughts for me.


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