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How do Buddhists meditate?

There are many different meditation practices and techniques among Buddhists. One common technique which is shared by some Hindus, is called vipassana meditation and it calls for sitting quietly and concentrating single-mindedly on your breath. As you sit and pay attention to your breathing you notice that thoughts arise – like ‘hey, what should I have for dinner?’ – and in this technique you simply acknowledge that you are thinking, and then let go of the  thought and pay attention to your breathing again. Other techniques involve visualizing the Buddha or some other person or object, or concentrating only on a single question or concept (analytical meditation). The technique is less important than the result, which is being able to concentrate single-pointedly, without being distracted.


3 responses to “How do Buddhists meditate?

  1. Much more can be written about buddhist meditation.

  2. me ⋅

    Of course much more can be written. Tomes have been written about meditation. The context of this answer is Wikianswers, which requires a cogent yet concise answer to a short question, not a tome. Also, when you get right down to it, not much should be said about it.

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