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Why was Buddhism created?

Guatama Buddha, as a young man became acutely aware of the amount of suffering in this world; people get sick, they grow old and die, and often are cruel to each other. He wondered why that was so, so he started by living as an ascetic, traveling through the region looking for answers to his question. Then he decided to meditate on the question until he could discover the truth. After a long period of meditation he became enlightened, and then began teaching people about what he learned. His students analyzed his teachings and meditated on them and became convinced. Some of them also became enlightened and so the practice spread. Buddhism wasn’t actually created, it just grew from a need to understand the true nature of reality.


One response to “Why was Buddhism created?

  1. You are right, Buddhist understanding wasn’t created, so much as it was uncovered, or discovered to always have been there. But, was Buddhism created? Just shaving hairs 🙂

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