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The blame game

          As usual, I spoke to soon in my last post. Sure, the readout says “heat” , but the circulation pump was not sending that heat to the storage tank. The circulation pump is not doing anything. And the pressure in the system just keeps leaking back to zero. Bruce (he’s been demoted from Captain status due to a profound failure to give a damn ((yuk))) was lured out here one more time to fiddle with stuff because we were operating under the assumption that the circulation pump had failed and had to be replaced, and he recharged the system with a transfer pump, then hotwired the circulation pump, which worked.

          This time I knew better than to let him do his job and not look over his shoulder and butt in with pesky questions. Back when I was an auto mechanic we used to charge “aggravation tax” to those sorts of customers, so I was hitherto circumspect in this arena, but no more. I could see that I was going to have to take charge here.  He had said that he wanted to learn the system so that he could be central Montana’s premiere solar man, but I guess the it was just too much, what with the lack of tech support. Imagine that. First  there was Dale, blaming Bruce for not installing the system correctly, and then there was me, blaming Dale for being a subspecies of humanity, and now there’s Bruce blaming Dale, Pat and me for… well, for existing, actually. Only Pat hasn’t blamed anyone, so perhaps in the end monotonality will rule the day.       

          Well now its my responsibility – as it always was, even when I was in my silly ‘circumspection’ phase – so I breathed down Bruce’s neck at every juncture of this most recent fix-it trip, and studied the operating instructions (I can do that because I’m female) for every bit and piece of the system, and I’m in charge, baby!!! Or I would be, if I could figure out why the damn pump won’t turn on, and why the pressure keeps leaking out of the system. In the meantime I’m putting on cardigans just like Jimmy Carter and keeping the heat down at 60 since I can’t afford another electric bill until my solar panels are contributing their fair share.


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