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What do Buddhists think about God?

Buddhists do not believe in a single, omniscient God. The Buddhist understanding of the universe includes a recognition that there are a lot of aspects of this universe, this reality, that we don’t understand. Through analytical meditation and other practices we can understand the deeper truths about this reality; truths that can’t be understood with our every day minds. When we reach enlightenment we will understand it, and until then there is no reason to believe that there either is or isn’t a God. Buddhists aren’t atheists, but they also aren’t theists.



One response to “What do Buddhists think about God?

  1. Nicely put I am interested in comparitive religion. One of my interests is Buddhism. Though I am a theist through faith, I respect the idea that Buddhists are neither Atheists nor Theists, but through analytical meditation, when enlightenment is reached, what they do not understand about the many aspects of reality will be understood.

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