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          The topic today is going to be: sharing. It’s the cornerstone to any concept of civil society, and such an important skill they bang it into our heads starting in kindergarten. If only more people would retain those early lessons, 90% of the stupidity in this world would disappear. The middle east? Not a problem if people would only share. Poverty? No problemo. Failing public schools? Not if the military-industrial complex would just share some of its funding. The other thing we learned about in Kindergarten that would benefit the world if only we remembered it is napping. Do you really think Dick Cheney would be so grumpy if he got enough naps? Perhaps it would even improve his aim.

          I’m doing my part in both of these areas, I’m happy to report. Napping is number two in my book (after hot baths), and for the most part it doesn’t get me in trouble, but there wouldn’t be rules if there weren’t exceptions to them. Yesterday proved the rule. I spent the afternoon working on my solar system and walking dogs, and then, late in the afternoon I went down for my nap. I was toying with the idea of going down to the bar, but given my regular schedule, its hard to stay up that late, so that was my excuse for a nap. I woke up at 7:15 in a panic, because the light outside was exactly as dim as it is at 7:15 in the morning, and I figured I was late for work. I threw on my clothes, eschewed coffee, tried to persuade Allie to go out for a pee, threw some food-like items into my bag and tore off down the road on my bicycle like a bat out of Helena. I stopped in at Chris’s house, since I’d left my keys there the day before, and mumbled something to him about being late, and took off.

          It was probably 7:40 when I got to the office; not too bad. I whipped out the flag, strung it up, logged on to the computer and made all my reports, and it was probably about 8 when I looked up from my work and noticed that it was dark out. I won’t say that the realization dawned on me. Its more like it sunk in, and took my stomach with it, since I got that sinking feeling when I realized what had happened. It was a full, complete realization all in one instant, sort of like when you drop a spoonful of Nescafe in a cup of hot water: one instant its water, the next, coffee. No percolation required. I’m an eejit. No more evidence is called for.

          I felt kind of sheepish and vulnerable on my ride home. Thankfully the only person who knew was Chris, and he’s a good sort, not prone to gossip or intrigue. The next (real!) morning I again saw Chris, and again stopped to see him, and we had a good laugh about what an eejit I am. Not everyone would or could laugh it off, and that goes to show you what naps are good for. And that’s why I get to share the story with you. Sharing. Its what we’re here for.


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