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What are some Buddhism’s beliefs?

The Four Noble Truths are beliefs that underlie most of Buddhist epistemology. They are: 1. The nature of suffering: Birth, aging, illness and death are suffering, as is attachment and aversion. 2. The origin of suffering: craving for things we think will bring us pleasure. 3. The cessation of suffering: freedom from attachment and aversion. 4. The way leading to the cessation of suffering: The eightfold path includes right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration What these mean is that we are mistaken or deluded about the true nature of reality, and we have cravings for things we think will bring us pleasure, and aversion for those things we think won’t. We think that not getting what we want is what makes us suffer, when it is really the attachment to some things and aversion to others that cause suffering. If we examine the nature of reality deeply, using certain techniques, and cultivate compassion for all beings, we will discover the true nature of reality.


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