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back to a wood stove

          I figured that I may as well admit defeat, so I went ahead and installed a wood stove in my house. First Gertie gave me a tiny, cute, cute little home-made looking jobbie, which took major surgery to get the door open because of the massive build up of rust inside it. Before attempting the install Bob and I set it outside with a stick of stove pipe jammed in the top and built a fire to burn out all that rust. It burned all right, but not great. Home made. When we (once again that would the Royal We, since Bob did all the tool-wielding. I just tried to be helpful.) tried to hook it up we found that the ring on the top was not six inches nor five inches, so the stove pipe wound up getting all crooked and jammed up, and it looked just like a stove pipe might look in a Dr. Seuss landscape, with star-bellied Sneeches tending the flames.

          So we abandoned that and Bob (my savior) said that he had a little old woodstove that might work, so we went to look at it. It turned out to be a mini version of the stove I had in my house out on the Fairfield Bench, so I instantly liked it. That was a great stove, and this one is as well. It feels so good to have something go right for a change. After four months of wrangling with engineers and plumbers who all want to be right more than to get it right, I’m more than pleased to look forward to cutting some honest firewood.

          The solar thermal system at this point is, at best, limping. As I mentioned, one of the solar panels sprung a leak, so even if the circulation pump was being activated by the controller, it wouldn’t work. The electric boiler has mystifying hiccups when the elements don’t fire at all for days at a time, which leaves me with indoor temps in the 50s. Not comfortable. And with Dale and company having a hissy fit (I had over 300 hits to my blog a day whilst Dale was fulminating, compared to the normal average of 30, before I password-protected it…now I’m in the odd position of hoping to get fewer hits a day. What blogger wants that?), I don’t think I’ll be getting any warranty or re-engineering help any time soon.



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