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What do humans have to go on when the limits of science have been reached?

Who said science has limits? Many people believe that science, spirituality, the arts and really all other forms of human endeavor are simply different views of the same mountain. We have a mountain – or an elephant from the fable of the blind men examining an elephant and each one finding a different part of the elephant and thinking that was all there was to an elephant – and scientists, spiritual seekers and all the rest of us see the mountain from different aspects. The mountain is a comprehension of how the universe works and what it means to be alive. Each seeker sees a different aspect of the mountain, and as they become more and more adept at their approaches, they become closer and closer to each other. There is no reason to believe that there will ever be an end to the things we can learn about the universe and what it means to be alive. As we get closer to other peoples’ vantage points, the things we have learned about our mountain will take on new and more profound meanings, so there’s no end to what we can learn from science or from any other approach to understanding the world.



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