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Do all Buddhists believe in rebirth?

From the Buddhist perspective, belief itself is a little pointless. Because this life is regarded as a kind of dream, in which we are confused and deluded about reality, it really doesn’t matter what you believe. When you are dreaming, do you believe that you can fly or do any other fantastic thing? Perhaps you do, but when you awake, do you still believe it? Does it matter? Any belief about what happens to us after we die, weather it be going to heaven or hell, or being reborn or just rotting in the ground is just a myth which makes us live our lives with more commitment to being kind to each other now. Valuing those myths, or believing in them is useful only insofar as it keeps us on the path toward enlightenment.


2 responses to “Do all Buddhists believe in rebirth?

  1. Mary Johnson ⋅

    I for one would like to be a Ladybug!

  2. me ⋅

    You’re already cute as a little ladybug! Do you realize that being a ladybug involves eating aphids? Blech.

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