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What do Buddhists worship?


Buddhists don’t actually worship anyone or anything, though they revere Dharma practitioners who have achieved enlightenment, such as arhats, devas or buddhas. The Guatama Buddha said that no one should worship him, or even adopt his teachings unquestioningly. He encouraged his followers to examine the nature of the universe for themselves through analytical meditation to discover the truth.


Buddhists perform ceremonies in which they make offerings and ask the enlightened beings for guidance, but they consider all beings to have a Buddha nature, so we are all equal. Its just that some beings have a deeper understanding of the true nature of the universe than others.




One response to “What do Buddhists worship?

  1. LOLHI ⋅

    “I think we must have heard that people say that Buddhists worship idols. such statements only reflect the misunderstanding of the persons who make them.”

    Go Buddhists!, I think at first, right?

    “As we all know that Buddhists do that believe that the Buddha was a god, so how we possibly believe that a piece of wood or metal is a god?”

    Then I’m like, what the fuck? Because he just made a huge typo, which pisses me off, but then he just said something completely innacurate, LOL… Buddhism doesn’t believe Buddha was a deity! Are you retarted? If you’re a pseudo-religious person, I have no respect for you, but if you’re actually religious, and still believe that shit, I have less, LOL.

    I respect Buddhism because it’s an intelligent philosophy, not a religion void of logic.

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