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Do Buddhists believe in birth control?

I think they believe it works, if that’s what you mean. There are no prohibitions in Buddhism, so it is allowed to use birth control, but it is preventing a being from being reborn, so it might only prolong your stay in Samsara – the cycle of rebirth. The person who might have been conceived and born had you not used birth control has karmic ties to you. Preventing that person’s rebirth could be a lost opportunity for all of you to clear negative karma. On the other hand, preventing a pregnancy could also prevent a lot of suffering in this life. Only an enlightened being can really know if allowing or preventing the pregnancy will avert the most suffering. Being mindful and honest with yourself, and cultivating compassion for yourself, your partner and anyone else involved can guide you in decisions about birth control.



One response to “Do Buddhists believe in birth control?

  1. Christine ⋅

    The statement that a person who practices conscious reproduction (practices birth control) might be “preventing a being from being reborn” does not seem to comprehend the knowing of mind in all matters. Every moment is saturated in choice and experience– in all dimensions, in all contexts and in every dilemma. I thought overcoming suffering as the primary directive of Buddhism embraces free choice!

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