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Is Buddhism a religion?

Buddhism arose from observations reported by Gautama Buddha, who had reached enlightenment. Because enlightenment involves understanding the world in a way that is more complete than is possible for minds which aren’t enlightened, that knowledge or point of view can seem magical or essentially powerful. Religions are concerned with those questions about the world which have no obvious answer, so the observations of an enlightened person can seem to be religious in nature. People have a fundamental urge to acknowledge the sacred in the world, and when an enlightened person speaks of deep truths, others tend to want to place the person, not just the truths, on a pedestal. Most religions require that adherents believe and adhere to a creed or a formal statement of religious belief, but Buddhism does not, so it isn’t really a religion, though it does garner veneration from people who recognize that the Buddha espoused deep and remarkable truths.


3 responses to “Is Buddhism a religion?

  1. In biased perspective, there isn’t a true religion very well defined. Each and every homo primera sanctus, e.g Sidharta Gautama, Jesus, Muhammad, etc., never wanted to be indulged in worshipful manner as you can see today on those flourishing religious institutions at the very first place.

    It is the teaching that matters the most. Buddhism is a spiritual philosophy, so is mine, and other spiritual concepts. Problem comes whenever malicious adherents (followers, esp. spiritual leaders) proclaim they know the god and the religious teachings of homo primera sancti MORE than the inventors of those particular religions whom tend to override the basic values in them for their animalistic deeds — greed. Yes?

  2. me ⋅

    You are right that it is the teaching which matters most, and many of the most revered teachers teach selflessness, humility and compassion. Anyone who claims superiority to others might be on another path besides the spiritual one.

  3. david wardman ⋅

    Tantra is the way, Tantra is all direct erxperience, can only be experienced, its innermost nature unfolding from within. It is the journey to explore the deepest, innermost recesses of our being, and what is to be found, at the centre of our being, is what we essentially are, our true self.

    extract from the book;
    Tantra Yantra Mantra
    available from
    a gem of a book

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