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100 word rant

          Two words about Bristol Pahlin, preggo daughter of the Republican vice-presidential candidate: oh, wait a minute, make that six: Abstinence Only Sex Education Doesn’t Work. Had Bristol’s mom endorsed sensible sex education instead of holier-than-thou mumbo-jumbo Bristol would be enjoying – or at least muddling through – her childhood right now. Even if she was dumb enough to forego a condom and risk getting a sexually transmitted disease, she could have used any number of other contraceptives, including the so-called morning after pill, which is not abortion. She could also have opted for an abortion, but the poor thing had a control-freak parent who fed her a huge, stinking pile of pompous cant. A parent’s duty is to protect her children, not to deny them the tools to make informed decisions about their lives and thus sign them up for adult responsibilities at the age of 16. That was the hallmark of parenting in the Victorian age in the West, and in Somalia today. Our daughters deserve a lot more respect than that.

Yeah, and this is 178 words long. Make that 180. Because Pinko-Commie, Baby-killing, sex-positive, liberal whack-jobs who endorse thoughtfulness over proscriptions should all be shot because we don’t follow through with our promises to limit it to 100 words. Whoever is counting should get a hobby.


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