Bright spots

          This morning I took a header on my bike, and landed on my face. Not only that, but my helmet flew off, so it was a ‘good’ thing I landed on my face, for my noggin was not protected. The most ignominious part was that I hadn’t even mounted the bike yet; it was at that moment when you have your left foot on the pedal, and you kick off with the right, and you’re about to  sling your right leg over the saddle to take off! into the wild blue yonder!, except the bike went inexplicably backwards whilst I went forwards. I got a boo boo. Recently, my physical, psychological, financial and psychic selves have all suffered boo boos, one after the other. Its as though each and every day is auditioning to be Friday the 13th. I barely have the energy to get out of bed. First a deer committed suicide on Continue reading

Better than we are.

          I had such a splendid day the other day. It was the best day I’ve had in a long time. It was a day I didn’t have to get up early, but I did, after a full night’s sleep. I awoke fully rested to the grace notes of the birdies swirling amongst the first golden dusting of sunlight in the trees. I got up, savored a fragrant cup of steaming coffee whilst admiring the nodding wildflowers perking their sleepy heads up next to the softly trilling brook, with its faint sheen of mist arising out of the chill of the night. I had loaded my truck the day before for this day’s toil ahead of me in town, so bright and early, before it could get too hot I set off, nursing my second cup of coffee as I drove.

          There is a moment in the Central Montana summer – and it really is just one brief moment – when the world is perfect. The nights are cool, the days are warm, the grass is still green, the Continue reading

Dope Slap

          The other day my good friend Gertie gave me a Dope Slap, and I was so grateful to her, I went out and bought her a bouquet of flowers. Had anyone but a trusted friend gently guided my attention to the fact that I was wallowing in self-pity, I think it might have been black roses I bought them. But it wasn’t, so I didn’t. It is distressingly true that my life has been a veritable cornucopia of miserable fortuities as of late. Even if you failed to notice the dizzying array of obvious woes ranging from death threats to lawsuits and the lack of heat in winter despite a liberal application of money to two otherwise respectable firms who claim to be in the business of providing heat to paying customers…even discounting those deserving woe-is-me-moments, you’ll have to admit that the deal with the dentist was the last straw.

          Dentists, like heating contractors, are, presumably, in the business of providing a service in exchange for money. It’s a simple enough equation: we make an appointment, agree upon which sort Continue reading

A Sorely Trying Day

          When I was growing up our family spent summers in the cottage my Russian grandfather built by a lake in Ontario. My sister and I shared a room, rudimentary and beautiful, with its walls of rough-hewn lumber, its view of the stars reflected on the dark lapping water and that one persistent mosquito which returned faithfully to my ear every time I began to drift off to sleep. Being the youngest, I slept in a crib until I had to curl my legs up just to fit into it, while my sister got the big double bed. When I was too old to be read Continue reading