Better than we are.

          I had such a splendid day the other day. It was the best day I’ve had in a long time. It was a day I didn’t have to get up early, but I did, after a full night’s sleep. I awoke fully rested to the grace notes of the birdies swirling amongst the first golden dusting of sunlight in the trees. I got up, savored a fragrant cup of steaming coffee whilst admiring the nodding wildflowers perking their sleepy heads up next to the softly trilling brook, with its faint sheen of mist arising out of the chill of the night. I had loaded my truck the day before for this day’s toil ahead of me in town, so bright and early, before it could get too hot I set off, nursing my second cup of coffee as I drove.

          There is a moment in the Central Montana summer – and it really is just one brief moment – when the world is perfect. The nights are cool, the days are warm, the grass is still green, the Continue reading

Mt. Ararat

          Anyone know where Mt. Ararat is? I only ask because its been raining now for over 40 days and 40 nights, and its getting time to park this ark. I’m not sure if the current weather events count as a biblical catastrophe, since technically it hasn’t been exactly raining all that time; sometimes it was snowing. Regardless, all the animal pairs as well as my socks, hats, mittens, cuffs and elbows are a bit more than damp. They’re moldy. Of course anyone who’s kept pace with this space for the past couple of years knows that Spring is my favorite time to complain about the weather, and you might think that I’m just crowing Chicken-Little-ishly, but you’d be wrong. This Spring the weather is not just bad, it’s hideous. The yardstick I’m employing involves the fact that I normally take the last two weeks of May off from work to work… at my landscaping. Normally, during that period I’ll be able to grab a day or two to actually relax, and I cash that in by taking a picnic up into the Shorty Creek drainage where I loll about admiring the wildflowers Continue reading