I like to watch

          Remember the bumper stickers in the seventies that said “Kill Your Television”? Back then I didn’t have a TV to kill, as I was a leftover hippie; broke and homeless for purely ideological reasons. TV was not one of them. It just turned out to be a theme that threaded its way through my life irregardless of my choosing.  I spent my formative years watching a controlled amount of the obligatory sitcoms, with the occasional blandishment from concerned adults – ignored, of course – that “Hogan’s Heros” glorified the war. It didn’t bother me. After I left home it was decades before I got another TV and actually watched it.  When I finally settled down into my trashy little trailer on the Montana prairie I could get two TV stations, both of them apparently broadcasting from Antarctica, since it was always snowing there. When I first moved to Neihart I rented  a place that had satellite TV. I spent a few evenings slack on the sofa, practicing clicker Continue reading

Dope Slap

          The other day my good friend Gertie gave me a Dope Slap, and I was so grateful to her, I went out and bought her a bouquet of flowers. Had anyone but a trusted friend gently guided my attention to the fact that I was wallowing in self-pity, I think it might have been black roses I bought them. But it wasn’t, so I didn’t. It is distressingly true that my life has been a veritable cornucopia of miserable fortuities as of late. Even if you failed to notice the dizzying array of obvious woes ranging from death threats to lawsuits and the lack of heat in winter despite a liberal application of money to two otherwise respectable firms who claim to be in the business of providing heat to paying customers…even discounting those deserving woe-is-me-moments, you’ll have to admit that the deal with the dentist was the last straw.

          Dentists, like heating contractors, are, presumably, in the business of providing a service in exchange for money. It’s a simple enough equation: we make an appointment, agree upon which sort Continue reading