sub atomic interest

          Sadly, the news- even from international sources -has become so annoying I’ve had to put my news-botting habit aside. Even the most staid and unflappable stations like the BBC and NPR have gone to the dogs. You can’t turn on the radio without being beset by  breathless coverage of not just the election, but even of the punditry that wreathes, obfuscates and whispers all around the election like bong hits in a college dorm room.  I’m tired of the incessant and pointless discussion of the finger-painting that is our blue-red Republic of NorthWest Purple-istan. So tired of it that I sometimes yearn for a natural disaster to break the monotony in news reporting. Nothing seems to disturb the steady thrum of blather about Barack O’Hilton for long. Enough already. I really Continue reading

AERO radio spot

      This is the text of the public service announcement I recorded for the Alternative Energy Resources Organization, which aired in early March on Missoula’s public radio station, KUFM.  You can listen to it at, but I don’t think it will be posted there for a few weeks.

          Back in the 1970s, after the OPEC oil embargo there was a flurry of interest in energy efficiency.  I remember public service spots on the radio and on TV reminding us to turn off lights we didn’t need to have on, to turn down the thermostat, to carpool, and, of course, there was the one in which Jimmy Carter famously put on a cardigan.  I was living in Boulder, Colorado at the time, and I remember seeing a lot of energy efficient homes Continue reading