Not long after I wrote the post titled “Well I’m Sunk” about Fannie Mae’s deplorable lack of support for those of us building green homes, an article appeared in the Christian Science Monitor about the emerging field of green building certification. The Green Building Council, among others, are beginning to offer certificates – mostly to businesses – verifying that their buildings are made with energy efficient, non- polluting, renewable and generally tree-hugging techniques and resources. The Monitor opinion piece said this was a good trend, and blah, blah, blah. I, of course, shot back a letter to the editor saying that it might be a good Continue reading

Life Lessons

          It may be trite to say, but life does give you the lessons you need at the time you need them. The trouble is that from the insides of our lives, the insides of our little fish-bowls where everything on the outside looks all distorted and strange, we never see that Cudgel of Learning descending upon us. We just see stars and our heads go doingy-boingy off the bottom of the aquarium a few times, and we wonder; “what the heck”?! On the outside of the fish bowl everyone watches and wonders why the heck we didn’t just move two inches to the left to avoid the whack of Life’s Cudgel. That’s just how Life Lessons happen. Some of us try to explain it Continue reading