Letter to Burak Bekdil

Dear Mr. Bekdil,

          I’m writing in response to your column entitled “Can We Insult Turkishness Now?” Well, I say: put it to the test. Gather together a couple hundred of college students and other, brave, joyful souls, and a microphone. Set yourself up in front of the Parliament building, and find out exactly how much insulting Turkishness can take. Pass the microphone around, read out some insults, and see how quickly you fill Continue reading

Letter to the editor of the Turkish Daily News

To the Editor:

Thank you for your insightful and telling columns. I have been particularly interested in the discussions of Article 301 and free speech. I thought you all should be aware that it is not only in Turkey that the debate over just how free free speech should be has raged over the years. The United States is a case in point.

The purpose of the First Amendment of the American Continue reading