Not long after I wrote the post titled “Well I’m Sunk” about Fannie Mae’s deplorable lack of support for those of us building green homes, an article appeared in the Christian Science Monitor about the emerging field of green building certification. The Green Building Council, among others, are beginning to offer certificates – mostly to businesses – verifying that their buildings are made with energy efficient, non- polluting, renewable and generally tree-hugging techniques and resources. The Monitor opinion piece said this was a good trend, and blah, blah, blah. I, of course, shot back a letter to the editor saying that it might be a good Continue reading

Saint Helen: Mountain of Mediocrity

Late in 1956 St. Helen gave up her quest for achievement, greatness, excelllence, and even for being above average.  With a huge sigh of relief, she set aside the burden of that kernal of genius that glowed within her, and set about the business of just getting by.  She stopped buying sugarless gum, and flossed only when the mood struck.  Since then, postal workers from around the world have reported miracles.  A pugnacious clerk in Topeka was seen to shrug and say “Oh well.” when he was passed over for promotion.  Co-workers way they saw a ghostly vision of a plump, middle-aged woman pat the normally bellicose clerk on the head just before he heard the news of his dismissal.

Pray to Saint Helen when the graspers and the climbers and Continue reading