Belles of the Ball

          The locus of international focus has meandered from Pipelineistan to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, thanks to our favorite Presidential Imp, Nicolas Sarkozy.  For whatever reason, the husband of Carla –Wow! – Bruni has decided that the Med is just the place to zip up the gaping seam that has for centuries kept the North of that sea in a perennial state of imperialism (be it political, economic or cultural) and the south as subluxated as Cinderella. Consider these pertinent northern rim attendees of Sarkozy’s Med Ball: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia, Albania et all regardless of the fact that they are actually located on the Adriatic Sea) and Greece. The southern Belles include Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, while eastern and otherwise uncategorized wallflowers include Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and…drum roll, please, for the elephant in the room… Israel.

          All in all there will be some 40 participants in this new union which, pragmatically for a beginner, aims mostly cheerful efforts at Continue reading