Oh me of little faith

          Another late night with the Captain, as he sat on the phone with Radiant Engineering (this time Pat, thank goodness) for hours as they tried to figure out why the system was just not making heat. I’m actually rather surprised Bruce isn’t divorced yet, he spends so many late nights away from home. He was pretty darn sure when I talked to him this morning that it was a simple matter of the thermostat not being connected correctly, and he was pretty cocky when I showed up, and the heat was on after he had re-wired the thermostat. Then he worked on this and that, tying up loose ends (doubtless with an eye to being able to Continue reading

First Night

          My first night in my house did not pass without incident, I’m sorry to say. Bruce (Alias Captain Nemo, for the maze of copper plumbing and wires in the control room reminiscent of the engine room on a nuclear submarine) worked valiantly until about ten that night, having accomplished a great deal: he filled the solar panels with glycol, put in another pretzel or two into the copper maze, hooked up the computer and mixer which regulate how much boiler water and how much panel water get circulated, wired in a temperature sensor on the north side of the garage, set the toilet, re-plumbed the tub drain (which his assistant had plumbed to the vent by mistake), and, most importantly,  made sure that the pesky boiler was doing its job.  I appreciated his staying so late, but it was already an hour Continue reading

Shock and Awe

          It seems like I’m just not ever going to get heat in my house. Poor Bruce  has struggled and struggled to get the lousy boiler to boil. Three weeks ago he said he was going to be finished, and I’d have heat and water, and each week he gets stymied by yet another snafu. For a while there it was because the electrician hadn’t put in the correct breaker or fuse, then it turned out that he had wired it incorrectly since the boiler is German and Mitch isn’t. The Germans, it turns out, have their own way of color-coding wires. Next it was because Radiant Engineering – who designed my system and sold us the parts – failed to deliver the special water tank. After that Dan failed to step up and assemble the solar panels as he promised to do, and no one was available to install the countertop, so we’d have sinks to plumb to. Then holidays got in the way, and then he had his Continue reading