hotsy totsy

          Some weeks ago I went for a hike with Allie and Chance on a cold, sunny Sunday, and coming home, I was cheered by seeing the relief valve on top of my solar panels emitting steam. When I got home I went immediately into the control room to see what sort of temperatures were out and about it the system. I was thrilled that the panels had reached 104 degrees Celsius, showing that even though it was cold out, the sunniness was producing some admirable heat. I felt like calling Dick Cheney up in person, and telling him a thing or two about how to stop invading dusty countries. Continue reading

The Heat is On

          I studied and studied those controller manuals for hours, and just couldn’t find what I was missing. As it happens, the Cap’n must have read more than I had imagined because the changes he made were consistent with the trouble –shooting advice in the manual, but still, the heat was coming on in seemingly arbitrary cycles. That one Friday when my putative suitor was a-wooing, the floors were hot as a tin roof in the sun. The next morning, they were cool as could be, despite my policy of non-intervention in terms of the thermostat. So I studied and I studied, and I tinkered with all the little dials and mixture knobs, carefully writing down each intervention and the vitals (mixing valve output Continue reading

Back on track, barely

Well, I’ve got my computer back, but not for long. A Geek in Shining Armor looked at it and said, “yep, hard drive’s bad. Looks like the damage you get when you drop it while its running.” Which didn’t happen to it, but I did drop a lamp on it when it was not running. You should see the lamp. He explained it all to me in great detail, and considering how I am with details, especially computer-oriented ones, its all one can ask of me to get the gist of what he said. Much the same Continue reading