Well, there’s not much to report from the Bustling Burg of Babbling Brooks, except that our brooks are doing some serious babbling. Our spring season went straight from non-stop snow to non-stop rain. I haven’t seen my shadow in weeks. In consequence, all the little seasonal streams and springs are erupting en force. I spend hours standing out there with a shovel, directing the water so that it fans out over the land and soaks in, reminding me of my days as a flood-irrigator out on the Fairfield Bench. Then I had to go out every four hours to move the dams so that the water would reach each part of the field, and that went on for 48 or 72 hours Continue reading

Mt. Ararat

          Anyone know where Mt. Ararat is? I only ask because its been raining now for over 40 days and 40 nights, and its getting time to park this ark. I’m not sure if the current weather events count as a biblical catastrophe, since technically it hasn’t been exactly raining all that time; sometimes it was snowing. Regardless, all the animal pairs as well as my socks, hats, mittens, cuffs and elbows are a bit more than damp. They’re moldy. Of course anyone who’s kept pace with this space for the past couple of years knows that Spring is my favorite time to complain about the weather, and you might think that I’m just crowing Chicken-Little-ishly, but you’d be wrong. This Spring the weather is not just bad, it’s hideous. The yardstick I’m employing involves the fact that I normally take the last two weeks of May off from work to work… at my landscaping. Normally, during that period I’ll be able to grab a day or two to actually relax, and I cash that in by taking a picnic up into the Shorty Creek drainage where I loll about admiring the wildflowers Continue reading