zealous naivete

          Sure, now you all think of me as the woman on a burning deck with a noose around my neck. And why shouldn’t you? That’s the picture the artiste painted. Perhaps my luck has turned. More likely it’s one of life’s little teaser rates, or some sort of bait and switch routine, but dag-nabaroonie, I’m just going to take what I can get and like it. Call it zealous naiveté if you will, but it’s the last card in my deck.  Roger came out with Tell, and they did the once-over and in about 13 seconds figured out what the water problem is. I’m grateful that I knew when I’d reached the limit of my carpenterial sleuthing abilities and called in the experts. The Continue reading

Saint Murphy: Patron of Ill-Starred Idiots

 Born in Sheboygan. Nuff said?

         Fred Murphy was born two months early, but the doctors had warned of this possibility because of certain medical indications, so Fred’s mother was prepared. She had a suitcase packed with her personal belongings by the front door; the neighbors were all notified of the situation, her husband, mother, brother, pastor, cousin, best friend, the police, fire department, ambulance and Chinese take-out Continue reading