hotsy totsy

          Some weeks ago I went for a hike with Allie and Chance on a cold, sunny Sunday, and coming home, I was cheered by seeing the relief valve on top of my solar panels emitting steam. When I got home I went immediately into the control room to see what sort of temperatures were out and about it the system. I was thrilled that the panels had reached 104 degrees Celsius, showing that even though it was cold out, the sunniness was producing some admirable heat. I felt like calling Dick Cheney up in person, and telling him a thing or two about how to stop invading dusty countries. Continue reading

Slightly More Disappointing

          There is a toy company I particularly like called Archie McPhee. They sell such indispensable accoutrements of modern living as 20” high latex vultures, walking sushi, remote control, walking, yodeling lederhosen and bacon-flavored chewing gum. A few years ago they came out with a signature item that really cemented their place in the halls of shameless commerce: the Devil Duckie. It’s your standard-issue rubber duckie, painted red, with little horns and an evil expression on its face. The tag line for it was: ‘for when you want a really hot bath.’ On their most recent Continue reading