let’s get unbalanced

          It is that stalwart of American Democracy, John Stuart Mill whom we should be thinking about today, don’t you think? I mean, he was the guy who said that only if votes were public could people be trusted to vote for the public good over their own interest. And it is today that an expected record number of Americans are casting their secret ballots; presumably for their own good- and why not?-  since we are all a long way removed from the great JSM’s understanding. Who doesn’t look after their own good – oh, I mean besides people from Kansas. And Jesuits. Oh, and of course, the visionaries of democracy like JSM, who never, not even once, succumbed to a sound bite. And that just might be why he argued that free speech is necessary for intellectual and social progress.  We can never be sure, he contends, if a silenced opinion has some Continue reading

sub atomic interest

          Sadly, the news- even from international sources -has become so annoying I’ve had to put my news-botting habit aside. Even the most staid and unflappable stations like the BBC and NPR have gone to the dogs. You can’t turn on the radio without being beset by  breathless coverage of not just the election, but even of the punditry that wreathes, obfuscates and whispers all around the election like bong hits in a college dorm room.  I’m tired of the incessant and pointless discussion of the finger-painting that is our blue-red Republic of NorthWest Purple-istan. So tired of it that I sometimes yearn for a natural disaster to break the monotony in news reporting. Nothing seems to disturb the steady thrum of blather about Barack O’Hilton for long. Enough already. I really Continue reading