Wildflower spotting

These are blooming wildflowers spotted near to my house.

3 June 2008

claytonia – spring beauty

heuchera – alum root or coral bells

mertensia – blue bells

mahonia – oregon grape

arctostaphylos – kinnikinnick or dwarf mahogany


2 gdlpf (god-damn little purple flowers)

5 June 08

Calypso – fairy slipper

Antennaria – pussy toes

Saxifrage -dotted saxifrage

Erythonium – glacier lily

dodecatheon – shooting star

21 June 08


polemonium – Jacob’s ladder

cerastium – chick weed


eriogonum – buckwheat

25 june 08



ribes – gooseberry

delphinium – larkspur

penstemon – beard tongue

1 gdlwf

26 June 08

Sambucus – elderberry

Amelenchier – service berry

malus – apple

Salix – willow

Prunus – cherry

1gdlwf – looks a lot like claytonia, but has narrow, opposite leaves, about 6″ tall, in dry, pine forest. Five white petals span about a half an inch and can be tinged pink.

castilleja – paintbrush, orange.

30 June 08

Cornus – dogwood





1 july 08

lupinus – lupine

leucanthemum – daisy

linum – flax

2 july 08

corallorhiza – coral root

eriogonum – buckwheat

1gdlwf – can anyone ID this? Its about a foot high, with linear, alternate, somewhat hairy leaves. The umbel (or possibly compound umbel) at the top bears regular, white flowers with four petals, each of which is cleft. Each flower is only about 1/4″ across, and since I can’t find my hand lens, I can’t really see the arrangement of sepals, pistals, ovaries and etc. It is located in an open, dry, south-facing meadow at about 6000′ in elevation, and is just now beginning to open up.

7 July 08

rosa – rose

senecio – groundsell

14 July 08

oxytropis – crazy weed

astragalis – milkvetch

lomatium – biscuit root

tragopogon – goat’s beard

agoseris – false dandelion (yellow + orange)

sedum – stone crop

ranunculus – buttercup

besseya – wyoming kittentails

apocynum – dogbane

15 July 08


Campanula – harebell

ajuga – carpet bugle

galium – northern bedstraw

silene – campion

yampah – ?

anaphalis – pearly everlasting

19 jul 08

Linnea – twin flower

hieracium – hawkweed

erigeron – fleabane

23 Jul 08

Angelica arguta – Lyall’s angelica

Conium – poison hemlock

heracleum – cow parsnip

gaillardia – blanket flower

plantanthera dilatata – western bog orchid

plantanthera something or piperia something – pink 6-8″ tall, located in a forested area near a stream at about 6,500′, with an elongated style on 1/4″, alternate flowers. The basal leaves are oblate and slightly fleshy. This just in! I think I finally ID it as pyrola – a pink wintergreen. See pictures here:


28 jul 08

centaurea – a dark purple, bristly flower on about a 6″ stem. Linnate alternate leaves. It looks just like a centaurea, but I can’t find an exact match in any of my books.

epilobium – fireweed

mimulus – monkey flower. This one is hot pink/red, not yellow.

1 gdlpf – only three inches high, located in the crevace of a boulder. Linnate leaves located densely along the flower stem. The pink flower could be on a collomia. It could be an incredibly unsuccessful and tiny phlox.

4 aug 08

arnica parryi – nodding arnica

verbascum – mullein


slidago – golden rod

15 Aug 08

Eriophyllum lanatum – wooly sunflower

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